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Hi, I'm Bailey!

I'm a double-tank enthusiast, except when I'm off on some thrilling exotic dive! With nearly 4 years under my belt at Mars Scuba, I've become a go-to guru for all things Shearwater computers, Halcyon gear, and Santi Drysuits. Plus, I'm not just a diver—I'm also the brains behind the scenes, managing the retail and training operations at both Mars and Steel City Scuba. Let's make some waves together! 🌊✨

My '24 Dive Schedule

Oh, the perks of my job are simply unbeatable—aside from the awesome people I get to meet, it's the travel that really gets my fins flapping! 🌎✈️ This spring, you'll find me jetting off to both Catalina and Florida, followed by an epic adventure in Belize! And when scuba season officially kicks off, you can bet I'll be making waves at the Quarry every weekend.

 I've got my sights set on all the Gilboa Trips and the Summerville escapade. In June, it's all about conquering Lake Erie, and come August, I'll be off to one of my absolute favorite spots—the St. Lawrence Seaway—where I'll be exploring some incredible wrecks. And to top it all off, my year wraps up with a sensational Liveaboard experience in St. Kitts, Saba, and St. Martin! 🚢🌴

Oh, and did I mention? I'm diving into new territory with my first-ever DEMA trip, and guess where? Las Vegas, baby! This trip is extra special because the F1 Race is revving up that same weekend, and I'm slowly but surely becoming a Redbull fan—Go Redbull! 🏁🥳

Gilboa Trips

Saba & St Kits

St Lawernce

Lake Erie

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Just a heads up, while this booking form is perfect for arranging shop services like Drysuit Fittings, Equipment Configurations, Travel Planning, or brainstorming your dive season, it doesn't cover actual diving time or classes... yet! But don't worry, we're working on expanding our system to include those soon. In the meantime, if you need to reserve pool or quarry time, just give me a shout, and I'll be more than happy to assist you over the phone. Let's get ready to dive into some serious fun together! 📞🌊

Welcome to my convenient online booking form for all your shop service needs! 📅✨ This handy tool helps me ensure that everything is prepped and ready to roll when you swing by the shop, so we can dive right into the fun stuff! Whether you're looking to schedule a Drysuit Fitting, Equipment Configuration, Travel Planning session, or simply want to hash out an epic plan for the upcoming dive season, this is the place to do it! Let's make sure your diving adventures are nothing short of spectacular! 

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