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Aerial view of Crusty's Quarry

Crusty's Quarry

Crusty's Quarry is our preferred quarry for local scuba training.  With depths down to about 30 feet, easy entrance, changing rooms, and a bathroom  it is suitable for teaching the majority of our classes here.  There are a long list of underwater features and training platforms making it a fantastic location for weekend divers or students working on their skills.

First time diving Crusty's?  You can use our Dive Master Booking system below to hire one of or dive masters for your dive!  If you are looking to dive and just need a buddy - give us a call and we will be able to find you someone!  We dive at Crusty's nearly every weekend over the summer!

Getting to Crusty's is easy, follow your GPS to 414 Hilmar Rd, Volant, PA 16156

Book a Dive Master

Would you like a Dive Master to take you around the Quarry? Choose your favorite DM and book a session with them today!

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