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The next step of your Dive Journey starts here!

Our Scuba Courses are designed to systematically help you reach your dive goals!  Not sure what your next step is, Click Here to schedule a 1:1 with one of our training consultants.  They will help you develop a training plan specific to your journey!
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Altitude Diver

Learn the specialized techniques required for diving in high-altitude environments, where unique challenges such as reduced atmospheric pressure can impact your dive experience. Gain the skills and knowledge to safely explore breathtaking underwater sites situated at higher elevations.

Boat Diver

Master the art of diving from boats, acquiring essential skills and knowledge to navigate effectively in marine environments. Explore diverse dive sites accessible only by boat, from vibrant coral reefs to historic wreck sites, while learning best practices for boat diving safety and efficiency.

Computer Diver

Embrace modern technology by learning to use dive computers as invaluable tools for planning and executing dives. Discover how to maximize the benefits of dive computers to enhance your safety, extend bottom time, and optimize your diving experience with real-time data and analysis.

Computer Nitrox

Dive deeper and stay longer with the use of enriched air nitrox, a blend of oxygen and nitrogen that offers extended no-decompression limits compared to standard air. Learn the fundamentals of diving with nitrox and unlock new possibilities for safer and more enjoyable dives with enhanced gas mixtures.

DPV Diver

Experience the thrill of underwater propulsion with a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) and discover a new dimension of diving freedom and efficiency. Learn to navigate effortlessly through the water, conserve energy, and cover greater distances while exploring captivating dive sites with ease.

Deep Diver

Delve into the depths of the underwater world and expand your diving horizons by mastering the skills required for deep diving. Gain the knowledge and experience to safely explore depths beyond conventional recreational limits while adhering to proper procedures and safety protocols.

Drift Diver

Ride the currents and embark on exhilarating drift dives, where you'll glide effortlessly along underwater landscapes teeming with marine life. Master the techniques for safe and enjoyable drift diving adventures while honing your ability to adapt to changing aquatic environments with confidence.

Dry Suit Diver

Expand your diving season and explore colder waters comfortably with the use of a dry suit. Learn to properly don and control a dry suit, mastering buoyancy and thermal insulation techniques to stay warm and dry in chilly underwater environments while extending your diving capabilities.

Eco System Awareness

Deepen your appreciation for marine ecosystems and learn to become a responsible steward of the underwater environment. Gain insight into the delicate balance of marine life, human impact on ecosystems, and strategies for conservation and sustainable diving practices to protect our oceans for future generations.

Equipment Specialist

Develop a comprehensive understanding of scuba diving equipment and learn to perform basic maintenance and repairs. Gain confidence in troubleshooting equipment issues and ensure your gear is always in optimal condition, enhancing your safety and enjoyment on every dive adventure.

Full Face mask

Dive with enhanced comfort and communication capabilities by mastering the use of a full-face mask. Experience improved visibility, ease of breathing, and the ability to communicate effortlessly underwater while exploring fascinating dive sites with the added benefits of full-face mask technology.

Ice Diver

Brave the icy depths and embark on thrilling adventures in frigid waters with the specialized skills and knowledge required for ice diving. Learn to safely navigate beneath frozen surfaces, managing unique hazards and enjoying the surreal beauty of underwater landscapes in winter wonderlands.

Navigation Diver

Navigate the underwater world with precision and confidence by mastering essential navigation techniques. Learn to use natural and compass navigation methods, create and follow dive plans, and enhance your underwater orientation skills to navigate complex dive sites with ease and accuracy.

Night and Limited Visibility

Discover the mysteries of the underwater world at night and explore fascinating dive sites under the cloak of darkness. Enhance your diving skills and confidence as you navigate through low-light conditions, encountering nocturnal marine creatures and witnessing the ocean's transformation under the moonlit sky.


Dive deeper and extend your bottom time with the use of enriched air nitrox, a blend of oxygen and nitrogen that offers extended no-decompression limits compared to standard air. Learn to analyze, plan, and execute nitrox dives safely, unlocking new possibilities for exploration and enjoyment underwater.


Capture the beauty and wonder of the underwater world through the lens of a camera as a certified underwater photographer. Learn techniques for composing stunning images, adjusting camera settings, and mastering lighting to immortalize your underwater adventures and share them with the world.

Reasearch Diver

Dive into the realm of scientific exploration and contribute to marine research efforts as a certified research diver. Learn specialized techniques for conducting underwater research, collecting data, and participating in valuable scientific studies to deepen our understanding of marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Search & Recover Diver

Acquire specialized skills and techniques for locating and recovering lost objects underwater. Learn effective search patterns, use of specialized equipment, and safe recovery procedures to assist in underwater salvage operations and contribute to the retrieval of lost items for fellow divers.

Shore and Beach Diver

Master the unique challenges and opportunities of shore diving as you explore diverse underwater environments accessible from the beach. Develop essential skills for entering and exiting the water safely, navigating shoreline terrain, and maximizing your enjoyment of shore-based dive sites.

Sidemount Diver

Experience the freedom and flexibility of sidemount diving as you learn to configure and dive with multiple cylinders alongside your body. Master specialized techniques for gas management, equipment setup, and buoyancy control while exploring intricate underwater environments with ease and precision.

Solo Diver

Gain the independence and self-reliance to explore underwater environments safely and confidently on your own terms. Learn specialized techniques for planning and executing solo dives while managing risks and adhering to established safety protocols for solo diving adventures.

Wreck Diver

Embark on thrilling adventures to explore the mysteries of sunken ships, airplanes, and artificial reefs as a certified wreck diver. Develop specialized skills for safe wreck penetration, navigation, and artifact preservation while uncovering the history and allure of submerged wrecks beneath the waves.


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