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Our Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes for everyone and everything in the scuba world.  From Entry Level all the way through Professional and Technical development.  The scuba journey can last a life time, as there is always more to learn and see.  Not sure where to start?  Reach out to one of our experts to help plan your diving path based on your goals.

Scuba Certification

Start your journey with your Open Water Certification, Or one of our Try Scuba classes

Specialty Classes

Grow your knowledge of scuba while learning new skills with our Specialty Courses!

First Responce Classes

CPR, AED, Oxygen Provider are all classes you may need in an emergency!

Refresher Classes

We offer Refresher courses to brush up on your skills before your big trip!

Technical Classes

Take your diving to "new depths" with our technical courses

Public Safety Classes

Training specific to Public Safety Dive Teams

Core Classes

Receive recognition and certification for your achievements!

Professional Classes

Become a Dive Master or Instructor with our Professional Development Classes

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