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Professional Classes

Dive Master

Embark on a journey towards becoming a dive professional with the Dive Master certification. Learn to lead and supervise diving activities, assist instructors in training new divers, and gain invaluable experience in dive management while honing your skills as a competent and confident dive leader.

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Assistant Instructor

Prepare for a rewarding career in dive instruction by becoming a certified Assistant Instructor. Learn to assist instructors in teaching diving courses, conduct training sessions for beginner divers, and gain practical experience in dive instruction while honing your skills as a competent and capable dive educator.

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Become a certified dive instructor and share your passion for diving with others by teaching diving courses. Learn to conduct classroom sessions, supervise open water dives, and certify new divers while inspiring and empowering students to explore the wonders of the underwater world safely and responsibly.

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Air Fill Station Technician

Learn essential skills for operating and maintaining scuba cylinder filling stations, ensuring the safety and quality of compressed air for divers. Gain practical experience in cylinder inspection, air analysis, and compressor operation while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Nitrox Blender

Master the art of blending enriched air nitrox blends with precision and safety as a certified nitrox blender. Learn to analyze gas mixes, operate blending equipment, and fill cylinders with custom nitrox blends to support recreational and technical diving activities while adhering to industry standards and protocols.

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Advanced Blender

Elevate your blending skills to the next level with advanced training in gas blending techniques for technical diving applications. Learn to blend trimix and helium-enriched mixes with precision and efficiency, supporting deep and extended-range dives while ensuring gas purity and adherence to safety standards.

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