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October 12, 2024

October 19, 2024

7 Days on the Explorer II visiting St Martin, Saba, and St Kits

Liveaboard scuba diving in Saba and St. Kitts!

The award-winning Caribbean Explorer II comfortably accommodates 18 passengers in 9 double staterooms. Furthermore, all of the staterooms have private bathroom facilities and most of which have queen-sized beds.

The semi-enclosed, air-conditioned salon on the upper deck includes dining tables, a TV, CD/DVD, a video library, a light table, and a lounge area. There is certainly an opportunity to soak up the sun on the large sundeck with lounge chairs aft of the main salon.

The vessel's boutique is located on the main deck. The large dive deck is equipped with a bathroom, individual gear lockers, a camera table with a low-pressure air hose, a recharging station, air and nitrox filling stations, tank racks, and separate freshwater rinse for both scuba and underwater camera equipment.

There are two sets of stairs accessing the dive platform, where two in-water ladders hang for easy access to and from the water. Finally, the vessel is also equipped with a satellite telephone for incoming and outgoing calls worldwide.

A liveaboard trip is not just about diving. It’s also about relaxing surface intervals, scenic views, and of course delicious food! The menu is a mix of locally inspired recipes, American favorites, and gourmet dishes from the chef’s imagination. While onboard you will enjoy three meals a day, plus in-between dive snacks. You’ll never be hungry! 

Breakfast is served from 7 to 8 am with cold breakfasts available for late risers, followed by two morning dives with an in-between dive snack (often a fresh baked pastry or cookies). Lunch is at 12:30 pm, with two afternoon dives and an in-between dive snack. Then a delectable dinner is served around 6:30 pm with a scrumptious dessert. Hot cocoa is offered following the night dive, which divers often enjoy while lounging under the stars on deck.   

For the duration of your holiday, you will also have access to unlimited soda, juice, tea, coffee, and when finished diving for the day, alcohol, beer, and wine. *Brands depend on availability. 

Caribbean Explorer II® is crewed by a fun, energetic, and hardworking team of divers who are devoted to personalized service and friendly camaraderie above all else. They are always standing by to tend to your needs and will take good care of you on board and in the water. The crew is committed to safety and set a high standard having worked for many years in the liveaboard industry. They will ensure you have an unforgettable diving holiday. 


Double Occupancy State Room
Diver - Double Occupancy
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