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Crusty's Quarry

Crusty's Quarry



August 24, 2024

August 26, 2024

Available for Open Water Training

Crusty’s is outside of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, less than three miles from the Prime Outlet Mall in Grove City, nestled right below Interstate 79. The eight-acre spring-fed lake was formed more than 50 years ago. Its origin is unknown but some locals believe the site was mined for sand and gravel needed to build I-79. A blanket of green vegetation extends below 20 feet, providing structure and refuge for the abundance of naturally occurring aquatic life.

Underwater attractions include several boats, a 60-passenger bus, two automobiles, a treasure chest, a replicated pirate cannon, and two training platforms 20 feet (6 m) below the surface. New attractions are added every year. There is a floating dock with stairs on one end and a boat ladder on the other. Divers can giant-stride into the lake and then easily climb back onto the dock. A gradual sloped shore entry is also available.

Depths to: 45 feet
Visibility: 10-30 feet
Water temperature: In season water ranges from High 50s to Mid 70s


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