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Scuba Diver in Pittsburgh PA

Start Your Scuba Training With Steel City Scuba and Etna Pool!

Becoming scuba certified opens up a whole new world of adventure and exploration beneath the waves. Dive into vibrant coral reefs, encounter fascinating marine life, and experience the thrill of weightless movement in an environment unlike any other. With certification, you'll gain the skills and confidence to embark on unforgettable underwater journeys, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We offer our classes at several locations in the western PA area, and we offer flexible scheduling for those who have conflicts.  We also dive almost every weekend, so completing your certification is never an issue!

Our 3 Step Process

Take everything you learned in your E-Learning + everything you learned in the pool, and put it to use by diving in one of our local quarries!  Over 2 days, typically in 1 weekend you will complete 4 dives.  Then you are certified to 60 feet for the rest of your life!

Step3: Go Dive

Student Earning their Certification in Pittsburgh

By utilizing E-Learning you can knock out all of the theory training at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.  The class is written at an 8th grade reading level and is segmented in small portions allowing the student to step away from the class w/o issue

Step1:  E-Learning

Student Earning using their certification they used in Pittsburgh

This is where the fun begins!  Choose from any of our pool classes and complete 4 nights in the pool!  This is where you will learn and master all of the practical skills needed at the Open Water Diver level.  Classes typically run in the evenings, and we usually have a class running every night of the week.

Step2: Pool Training

Student Earning their Certification in Pittsburgh

2024 Calendar

We offer a wide array of training options, you can view our class schedule and fine the pool and time that works for you.  Need something custom?  Give us a call to talk through private options!

Ready to Start?

We will assign E-Learning and finalize your schedule once you have registered.  Someone will reach out to you on the following business day.

Any questions?  Our professionals are available to help!  Use the chat box below or give us a call at 412-262-2664.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All our packages offer the same level of training and certification upon completion. The difference in pricing lies in how you manage your equipment.

    1. Open Water Scuba Certification: This package does not include rentals. It's suitable for those who already possess equipment or plan to conduct their training dives elsewhere. While all necessary gear for pool sessions is provided, you're responsible for renting equipment for training dives. This package offers an à la carte option, allowing you to select specific pieces of equipment without being charged for items you already own. Although it may seem intricate, we believe this approach to dive packages is the fairest.

    2. Open Water Scuba Certification + Rentals: The only distinction from the first package is that all necessary rentals are included here. Pre-paying for rentals offers savings and simplifies logistics on our end.  If you are planning on doing your training dives with us, and you are unsure if you are ready to purchase equipment yet, this is the best option for you. 

    3. Open Water Scuba Certification + Equipment: This premium package ensures an optimal diving experience both during and after the course. Our expert staff will guide you through equipment options tailored to your diving preferences. You'll select a mask, snorkel, fins, and boots conducive to your diving style. Throughout pool sessions, you'll exclusively use this equipment, with the flexibility to exchange the equipment should it not fit properly. The same gear is utilized for training dives, with any additional rentals included. This comprehensive package equips you for seamless progression in your diving journey.

  • There is never a time in any of our recreational dive classes where you are required to purchase your own equipment.  We encourage equipment ownership and do believe it is the best way to navigate your scuba journey, however it is never a requirement for our shops. This does not however change the fact that you are required to show up to your training dives with a full set of equipment.  Most people who do not purchase their equipment rent from us. We are proud to have a professional grade Halcyon Rental Fleet. Most find it beneficial to use the same equipment for their training dives that they did in the pool. 

  • In the pool you will need: (at no extra charge for pool equipment)

    • Personal Equipment - Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots*​

    • Regulator

    • Backplate & Wing

    • Shorty Wetsuit (Optional to use)

    • Dive Computer

    • 1 Tank per Class

    *Boots are only required if you are utilizing Open Heel Fins.  The rule of thumb for this, if you purchased boots, bring them. 

    For your training dives you will need: (This equipment must be owned or rented)

    • Personal Equipment - Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots*​

    • Regulator

    • Backplate & Wing

    • 7mm Wetsuit 

    • Dive Computer

    • 7mm Hood

    • 7mm Gloves

    • Compass

    • 1 Tank per dive, 2 dives total.

  • Absolutely!  However, there are a few stipulations here.  For starters, it needs to be at least somewhat modern, in service, and most of all it needs to be scuba grade equipment. 

    Mask / Snorkel / Fins / Boots - There is a big difference between SCUBA grade equipment, and the equipment you can buy off the shelf at Target or Dicks.  Even if it is marketed as scuba equipment, chances are it is not.  Even the SCUBA brands take advantage here, you will see some of the major scuba brands selling mask / snorkel / fin kits at Walmart.  This is not acceptable in our classes.

    BCD - If you are not using our Halcyon BP/W, you are missing out!  But we understand that sometimes people are given equipment and they want to use it!  No problem at all, it just needs to be in good working order and have integrated weight pockets.  

    Regulators - This is the thing that is keeping you alive under water.  Consider that when choosing a regulator.  If you have a regulator that you would like to use, we require a recent service.  We are unable to knowingly take you into an environment that does not sustain life with out of service life safety equipment. 

  • We will handle these requests on a case-by-case basis.  For example, if you are trying to upgrade from Open Water to Open Water + Rentals because you decided you wanted to do your training dives with us this weekend, no - we have already lost the efficiencies in our business that allow us to pass the savings through to you.  However, if you are unsure about scuba when you sign up, and after night 1 you realize you absolutely love it and want to purchase your own personal equipment, our staff will work with you to get you the best deal possible.  

  • Yes, to complete your training dives with us you will most likely need to pay entry to a dive location.  We utilize a variety of dive spots to conduct training and their pricing ranges from $20 - $30 per day.  You will pay this directly to the quarry when you sign in for the day.  If you do not show up for a class w/o a heads up, you will need to re-purchase that class.  If the instructor is there, we are obligated to compensate them if you show up or not, so we ask that you give as much notice as possible if you are going to miss a class.  We are super flexible on schedules right up until the we start scheduling instructors and loading / transporting equipment.  So please, if you know you have a conflict, just let us know and we will be happy to help!

  • One of the first steps after you enroll in a class is to select your pool session.  You can see a complete list of upcoming pool sessions here.  Once you have selected that class, it is important that you go every night, session 2 requires that you have been through session 1, session 3 requires session 2, and so on.  While you can choose from any of our pools, and any of our classes, it is important you stick to the schedule associated with that class. 

    You will also get to pick your training dive weekend.  It is important that you pick a weekend that will work for you.  Training runs from 9a until about 2pm, so they are rather full days.  You should do your best to complete your training dives as quickly as possible after your pool training.  This will ensure your skills are still fresh.

  • It's important to recognize that our classes are structured sequentially, so mastering the skills from the previous night is crucial for the following class. Missing Night 2, for instance, means you won't be prepared for Night 3. However, there are options available to you:

    1. You can transfer to another class. Say you attended the first two sessions at Cranberry in June but missed the third; you could resume with Class 3 in July or join a different class that's at the same point in the curriculum at another pool.


    2. You can make up the missed class. If you were at the Cranberry sessions in June for Classes 1 and 2 but missed Class 3, and there's a Class 3 happening elsewhere before your Class 4, you could attend that session at the alternate pool and then return to your original group for Night 4.

    Communication is crucial for us; the sooner we're informed of your situation, the better we can accommodate your needs and ensure a smooth experience. Failure to notify us of your absence will result in the need to purchase an additional night of training.

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