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Jul 19, 2024

Jul 22, 2024

Summersville lake is located in Nicholas County, West Virginia. It is called "The Little Bahamas of the East!" by "Skin Diver Magazine." It is an oligotrophic lake characterized by steep rocky shorelines with cliffs that go from above the surface to approximately 100 feet below the surface. The lake has 65 miles of shoreline and is 2700 surface foot acres during the normal summers season (May - September). Summersville Lake is the cleanest clearest freshwater lake east of the Mississippi River and is West Virginia’s #1 tourist attraction.

Shore diving is available. However, the bottom is mud, leaves, and small rocks. The best diving starts approximately one mile from Sarge’s Dive Shop which is located at the Summersville Lake Marina, Inc. complex. One can either bring their own boat or charter with Sarge’s Dive Shop. There are miles of locations to dive with depths that vary from about 15 feet to 100+ feet. The most popular site to dive and to do open water certifications is "Long Point". The depth here varies from 15 feet to 100+ feet. This site offers huge rock boulders, large rock overhangs, several swim-thrus, and sheer vertical drop-offs. Long Point hosts the "Wedge Rock" which is the perfect spot to do open water certification dives and dive training. There are huge natural rock "platforms" at various depths that we use for student underwater skills. Diving Long Point is easy because the cliff runs exactly north and south and the rocks slope to the west. This enables new divers to easily navigate the water without getting lost.

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