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Deep Diver

We believe you need to dive deep to be able to be certified to dive deep.  It may sound strange to hear, but the industry allows for the deep diver course to be conducted just a few feet deeper than your open water certification.  In our deep class, we more than double those depths.

This class is conducted at Gilboa Quarry, where we can find roughly 130 feet of water.  Class starts at Noon and will continue the following day at 9AM.   You will learn all the required rules, equipment, and theory behind deep diving.

The Details

  • Exclusively at Gilboa Quarry

  • Taught with a Redundant Air Source

  • Nitrox is Strongly Recommended.

  • Drysuit Strongly Recommended. 

  • E-Learning

  • Training Dives

  • Remediation Dives (If Needed)

Truly Deep!

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