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Core Classes

Advanced Certifications

Looking to expand your Open Water Training?  We offer a few options for our Advanced Open Water programs.  The option to do 5 Specialty Dives, or 5 Specialty Certifications.

Open Water Certifications

Open Water Certification is one of the first certifications most divers own.  We have several options and packages for Open Water and have a page dedicated to the courrse.

Rescue Diver

Gain essential skills to respond effectively to diving emergencies, ensuring the safety of yourself and fellow divers. Learn rescue techniques and develop the confidence to manage stressful situations underwater.

Master Diver

Become a proficient and knowledgeable diver by mastering various specialty courses. Enhance your underwater skills, broaden your understanding of diving principles, and earn recognition as a well-rounded and experienced diver.

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Dive Master

Embark on a journey towards becoming a dive professional with the Dive Master certification. Learn to lead and supervise diving activities, assist instructors in training new divers, and gain invaluable experience in dive management while honing your skills as a competent and confident dive leader.

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