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Scuba Discover (Try Scuba)

Dip your toes into the world of scuba diving with a beginner-friendly course designed to introduce you to the basics of underwater exploration. Experience the thrill of breathing underwater and discover the wonders of the aquatic realm under the guidance of experienced instructors.

This Course:

The Scuba Discover course offers a safe and enjoyable introduction to scuba diving for beginners. Under the supervision of certified instructors, you'll learn basic dive theory, equipment setup, and underwater skills in a controlled environment. With personalized instruction and support, you'll gain confidence in your ability to breathe underwater and explore the underwater world with ease. The course typically includes a brief orientation session followed by a pool or confined water session, providing you with a taste of the excitement and adventure that awaits beneath the surface.

The Cost

The cost of the course is:


Included in Course:

Required E-Learning / Knowledge Reviews, Pool Session with Divemaster or Instructor, Certification of Completion

Not Included

This classes isn't available for online purchase

But that isn't a problem! It usually just means we would like to talk to you about the program before you commit to it. Leave your information below and one of our dive professionls will reach out to you with the options on compleating this course.

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