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Dry Suit Diver

Expand your diving season and explore colder waters comfortably with the use of a dry suit. Learn to properly don and control a dry suit, mastering buoyancy and thermal insulation techniques to stay warm and dry in chilly underwater environments while extending your diving capabilities.

This Course:

The Dry Suit Diver course is designed to prepare divers for the challenges and rewards of dry suit diving. Whether you're exploring wrecks or diving in cold-water environments, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge to dive comfortably and confidently in a dry suit. Through a combination of classroom sessions and practical exercises, you'll learn how to properly don and control a dry suit, maintain proper buoyancy, and manage thermal insulation to stay warm and dry underwater. With guidance from experienced instructors, you'll have the opportunity to practice dry suit skills and gain confidence in your ability to extend your diving season and explore colder waters comfortably.

The Cost

The cost of the course is:


Included in Course:

Required E-Learning / Knowledge Reviews, Required Open Water Dives, Final Assessment and Certification

Not Included

Rental Equipment (Including Dry suit), Personal Equipment, Entry to Dive Site

This classes isn't available for online purchase

But that isn't a problem! It usually just means we would like to talk to you about the program before you commit to it. Leave your information below and one of our dive professionls will reach out to you with the options on compleating this course.

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