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Advanced Adventure

Embark on thrilling underwater adventures by mastering advanced diving techniques and exploring diverse dive environments. Challenge yourself with exciting dive scenarios while expanding your skills and confidence as a capable and adventurous diver.

This Course:

The Advanced Adventure course is designed to push your diving limits and expand your underwater horizons. Through a series of challenging dives, you'll master advanced techniques such as deep diving, navigation, and underwater photography. With personalized instruction and guidance from experienced instructors, you'll explore diverse dive environments and encounter exciting marine life while building confidence and competence as an advanced diver. The course typically includes 5 to 6 dives, including deep dives and elective dives based on your interests, providing you with a thrilling and rewarding diving experience.

The cost of the course is $350

Included in Course:

Required E-Learning / Knowledge Reviews, 5 Required Open Water Dives, Final Assessment and Certification

For a variety of different reasons we are unable to offer signups for every class online.  No Problem!  Give us a call and we will be happy to Get  you going!

Mars Scuba - 724-6878-0008
Steel City Scuba - 412-262-2664

Text - 724-498-0002

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