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Advanced Adventure

Embark on thrilling underwater adventures by mastering advanced diving techniques and exploring diverse dive environments. Challenge yourself with exciting dive scenarios while expanding your skills and confidence as a capable and adventurous diver.

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Advanced Blender

Elevate your blending skills to the next level with advanced training in gas blending techniques for technical diving applications. Learn to blend trimix and helium-enriched mixes with precision and efficiency, supporting deep and extended-range dives while ensuring gas purity and adherence to safety standards.

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Advanced Buoyancy Control

Hone your buoyancy skills to perfection, allowing you to glide effortlessly through the water with precision and grace. Achieve optimal control over your diving position and conserve energy while minimizing your impact on the underwater environment.

Advanced Diver

Elevate your diving skills to the next level with advanced techniques and knowledge, allowing you to explore deeper waters and handle challenging diving conditions confidently.

Advanced Nitrox

Dive deeper and extend your bottom time with the use of advanced gas mixtures, such as enriched air nitrox. Learn advanced techniques for gas blending, analysis, and planning while mastering the skills required for safe and efficient diving with enriched air nitrox in technical diving environments.

Air Fill Station Technician

Learn essential skills for operating and maintaining scuba cylinder filling stations, ensuring the safety and quality of compressed air for divers. Gain practical experience in cylinder inspection, air analysis, and compressor operation while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Altitude Diver

Learn the specialized techniques required for diving in high-altitude environments, where unique challenges such as reduced atmospheric pressure can impact your dive experience. Gain the skills and knowledge to safely explore breathtaking underwater sites situated at higher elevations.

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Assistant Instructor

Prepare for a rewarding career in dive instruction by becoming a certified Assistant Instructor. Learn to assist instructors in teaching diving courses, conduct training sessions for beginner divers, and gain practical experience in dive instruction while honing your skills as a competent and capable dive educator.

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Boat Diver

Master the art of diving from boats, acquiring essential skills and knowledge to navigate effectively in marine environments. Explore diverse dive sites accessible only by boat, from vibrant coral reefs to historic wreck sites, while learning best practices for boat diving safety and efficiency.

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Computer Diver

Embrace modern technology by learning to use dive computers as invaluable tools for planning and executing dives. Discover how to maximize the benefits of dive computers to enhance your safety, extend bottom time, and optimize your diving experience with real-time data and analysis.

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Computer Nitrox

Dive deeper and stay longer with the use of enriched air nitrox, a blend of oxygen and nitrogen that offers extended no-decompression limits compared to standard air. Learn the fundamentals of diving with nitrox and unlock new possibilities for safer and more enjoyable dives with enhanced gas mixtures.

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DPV Diver

Experience the thrill of underwater propulsion with a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) and discover a new dimension of diving freedom and efficiency. Learn to navigate effortlessly through the water, conserve energy, and cover greater distances while exploring captivating dive sites with ease.

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